“Your air conditioning should always be at its best”, quoth the expert”, Keller AC Repair. At least, that’s what you and your family would want from your unit most if not all of the time. After all, you can never overestimate the value that your AC unit offers when it comes to making your home comfortable for everyone.

Keller AC Repair or Replacement

However, just like any other appliance that’s constantly used, it’s going to break down eventually. The constant wear and tear are going to get to it one day and cause various issues and problems. It might no longer function as smoothly as before or it might even stop functioning completely. Of course, there are available solutions that could help restore your unit to its peak condition or at least close to it.

A couple of major options are open to you. You’ll have to pick one, although you’ll need to consider a few things before arriving at the best possible decision. The options are AC repair and replacement. Their effectiveness will largely depend on several factors. So what will it be? AC repair or replacement – which one’s for you?

How Old is Your Unit?

The age of your AC unit is definitely a factor in whether you should go for repair or replacement for it. An air conditioning unit’s average lifespan usually ranges between 12 and 15 years. 

If your unit is older than 15 years, the chances are that it’s already beyond repair. It’s very likely that it would require repairs very often. If that’s the case then it will likely cost you a lot in the long term and the better option at this point would be to simply replace it.

Frequent Need for Repairs

Speaking of the frequent need for repairs, it’s also one of the things that will help decide whether your unit requires rep[air or replacement. Repairs will be needed every now and then and there’s nothing extraordinary about that.

Once it becomes very frequent, then that is surely a cause for concern. And if it’s an old unit, then replacement is imminent. However, occasional repairs are quite normal and should be the immediate go-to solution.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that your unit lasts a long time and doesn’t require a replacement before too soon. This is considered an effective preventive maintenance measure that aims to solve your unit’s problems before it gets any worse.

If your unit gets proper and regular maintenance, then it will prolong its lifespan and delay the need to get a new one. Some minor repairs every now and then would likely suffice.

Consider the Cost

The cost is probably one of the major factors that will eventually decide whether you settle for repair or opt to replace your AC unit. Not every household has enough budget that will cover the sudden need to repair or replace their unit. 

At first glance, AC repair might seem like the less costly option. But if it’s needed very often, then the costs will certainly accumulate and eventually surpass the cost of getting a new replacement unit. This is particularly true for units that are old and have seen much use.

So, AC repair or replacement, which one’s for you? The factors that were listed above should help you out or at least give you a good idea about which one’s your best option. If you remain undecided, then perhaps you could seek the help and advice of experts and HVAC professionals such as Keller’s Best AC & Heating Repair.